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  • The Benefits of Repairing Your Storefront’s Damaged Windows

    Having windows that are in good condition offers business owners a number of benefits. If your storefront is affected by broken windows in Houston , then there are several reasons why you should consider repairing the broken glass.

    Retail stores can get a great deal of their business from foot traffic, but how much they can receive often depends on the building’s appearance. Having a broken window is a sure way to deter some of your potential customers.

    As a business owner, you probably realize the importance of keeping your operational costs low. When you have one or more broken windows, the conditioned air inside your building can leak outside, forcing your heating or air conditioning to work harder to keep your store comfortable for employees and customers.

    Finally, one of the greatest advantages that you can gain by repairing your storefront’s broken windows is safety. Cracked glass informs potential burglars that your location is less than secure, which is a problem that can make your store a target for theft. If your windows are chipped or cracked, then you can benefit from repairing the glass right away.

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  • Spotlight on Popular Types of Shower Doors

    Glass shower doors and enclosures are a popular addition to any bathroom. They can open up and brighten a small bathroom space, and they can be less damaging to the health than shower curtains. There are only a few types of shower doors near Houston, but they can usually be customized and texturized to complete any homeowner’s personal vision.

    • One of the most common shower door installations is the sliding door. Sliding shower doors involve the easiest installation, especially if homeowners are wishing for a simple upgrade from their shower curtain. Sliding shower doors can often be installed with or without a frame.
    • If the bathroom is small, or the shower is small, then round shower doors are a popular choice.
    • Pivot doors can be installed with one door or French doors that open out, similar to a traditional entry door.
    • These glass shower doors can all come with different features, such as frosted and textured glass.

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  • What Is a Double Hung Window?

    Do you know the last time you had your windows repaired or replaced? If you are not sure, it may be time to call the experts in home window glass repair in Houston . Cracked, broken windows affect your home’s energy-efficiency and make your house less secure. Replacement windows are more aesthetically attractive, and improve your home in a variety of other ways.

    When you are considering getting replacement windows, you’ll find that there are a number of styles from which to choose. Double hung windows are one of the most popular options, as they are functional and easy to operate. A double hung window has two sashes of glass in the same frame, and both the upper and lower halves can be opened and closed. Typically, these are designed so that the sashes stay in place on their own in the frame, and can be adjusted so you can open them incrementally or all the way.

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  • The Benefits of a New Front Door

    If you’re like some homeowners, you may not give much thought to your front door. However, your front door has a variety of important functions, including making your home more aesthetically appealing and more secure. Glass front door repair in Houston is essential for keeping your front door functioning like it should. In some cases, you may want to replace your front door with a new one to increase your curb appeal and security. Read on to learn about how replacing your front door can benefit you. front - door

    Curb Appeal

    Your front door is one of the first things visitors will notice about your home. Broken glass, cracked paint, and other aesthetic issues detract from your home’s appearance and leave your guests with a less-than-favorable first impression. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, it is especially important to take care of any glass repairs and replace your front door. Today’s real estate market is very competitive, and you need every advantage you can get to make your home stand out from the rest. Before you put your home on the market, evaluate your front door and consider what you would think if you were a potential buyer seeing your house for the first time.


    There are few things more important than your family’s safety, and your glass front door is your first line of defense against would-be intruders. A front door with broken glass is an invitation for burglars to get into your home. By investing in a new front door, you will be increasing your home’s security. New front doors are stronger and more secure than older models, and you can choose features such as impact-resistant glass and advanced locks to further secure your home.


    You spend money to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so choose a front door with insulated glass that assists in your climate control efforts. An insulated glass front door allows less air to escape your home, which translates into lower energy bills for you.

  • How the Experts Replace Sliding Glass Doors

    If you’ve ever wondered how trained experts perform glass door replacement in Houston , watch this video to find out more about the procedure. The presenter in the video demonstrates how to remove a double-paned sliding glass door.

    The video explains that first you need to lift up one of the glass panels. Once you have raised the panel, you can easily pull it out from the door itself. The presenter explains that, if the door is too heavy to be raised by hand, you can pry it upwards using two pry bars. Place a backer board down first to prevent damage to your floor or molding. The presenter shows that, if necessary, you can adjust the wheels of the glass panel in order to create more clearance space. Finally, slide the door out carefully. You may need help transporting it. If you need to replace a sliding glass door, contact a local company that specializes in home glass replacement.

  • Understanding Sliding Glass Door Casings

    After you replace sliding glass doors in your home, you will need to finish them off by installing new door casings. You can get help with this by contacting a residential glass company. Watch this video to see how to do glass door replacement in Houston and, more specifically, how to install door casings.

    The door casings for your sliding doors are important because they will enclose your sliding doors and complete the look you are going for with them. You will need to measure your sliding glass door casings properly to ensure that they fit before you install them. By working with a reliable residential glass company, you can install door casings easily and start showing off your brand new sliding doors right away.