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Preserve the value and beauty of your furniture with durable glass table tops. Wood furniture, however warm and rich in appearance is a relatively soft material and is easily damaged. Wood refinishing is an expensive and inconvenient option. With custom cut glass top from Hurricane Glass, your new furniture will stay looking new, and your older tables and credenzas can look new again… without refinishing!
One very common use of glass is table tops. Glass table tops protect the table from the normal wear and tear of having objects placed on them while at the same time enhancing the appearance of the table. 1/4″ plate glass is the most common thickness used for table tops, however on larger tables 3/8″, 1/2″ & 3/4″ thick glass is often used.

For table bases requiring a heavy glass top, we offer many options, with high-quality American made glass in thicknesses from 3/8″ to one full inch thick and in many shades and patterns, all complimented by several edge choices. Our color choices include clear, gray, bronze, and “Star-Fire”™, a low iron glass that is less “green” than standard glass. We also offer annealed glass and tempered safety glass table tops.

Custom glass furniture tops will give you “peace of mind” and eliminate worry over surface damage to your beautiful wood furniture.

The first step is to measure your space and familiarize yourself with the various types of shower doors. Here are a few common shower doors you might consider for your enclosure.

  • Sliding Door: Sliding doors, or bypass doors, take up the least amount of space. A sliding shower door is also a good option if you wish to replace your shower curtain without significantly altering your bathroom.
  • Pivot Door: A pivot door is designed to swing open from a single side, much like a traditional door. You might consider installing a pivot door if you have some extra space in your bathroom.
  • Round Door: If your shower is in the corner of your bathroom, you might install a round shower door. Curved shower doors are stylish and great for smaller shower areas.

Consider Glass Tops for:

  • Desks
  • Conference Tables
  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee and End Tables
  • To Protect Bedroom Furniture
  • Patio Tables
Mirrors are an essential part of today’s modern homes. A great tool for creating additional light, the design options for mirrors are endless. Hurricane Glass specializes in custom cut high-quality mirrors for any application:
  • Master bathrooms
  • Electrical outlet cover plates
  • Exercise room walls
  • Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Bedroom accents

Mirrored Walls

Thinking of remodeling or redecorating your home or office? Before you go to all the expense, investigate the benefits of room expanding mirrors. Our experienced technicians can show you how mirrors can create a more spacious and attractive environment. We have several options to choose from including clear, tinted, or beveled edge mirrors with decorative metal and glass trims. Our experts will help you in imagining the endless possibilities.

Why should you purchase your mirrors from Hurricane Glass? Hurricane Glass has extensive product knowledge and experience. We’ve built our reputation on making your mirror installation fast, easy and efficient. Many of our expert technicians have been with Hurricane for years, and have decades of experience in residential and commercial installations of all types.

Hurricane Glass can provide custom beveled mirrors in endless shapes and sizes. We can custom order your specific sized beveled mirror with beveled edges ranging from ½” to 2″ We also have decorative beveled mirror strips to accent either the edges of a vanity mirror or to highlight the joints between multiples mirrors. Whatever your custom beveled mirror requirements are, we’re happy to help.

Call Hurricane Glass for a custom mirror that truly “reflects” your personal style.

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