How the Experts Replace Sliding Glass Doors

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Glass Repair, Glass Replacement, Sliding Glass Door Casings, Uncategorized

If you’ve ever wondered how trained experts perform glass door replacement in Houston , watch this video to find out more about the procedure. The presenter in the video demonstrates how to remove a double-paned sliding glass door.

The video explains that first you need to lift up one of the glass panels. Once you have raised the panel, you can easily pull it out from the door itself. The presenter explains that, if the door is too heavy to be raised by hand, you can pry it upwards using two pry bars. Place a backer board down first to prevent damage to your floor or molding. The presenter shows that, if necessary, you can adjust the wheels of the glass panel in order to create more clearance space. Finally, slide the door out carefully. You may need help transporting it. If you need to replace a sliding glass door, contact a local company that specializes in home glass replacement.