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What Is EnduroShield?

by | Feb 25, 2015 | EnduroShield, Uncategorized

When you are planning a shower door replacement near Houston, you may want to consider treating your new shower doors with EnduroShield. EnduroShield is an innovative product that your glass company may have to offer you. This glass product enhances shower enclosures so that they offer simple and easy clean up. In addition, EnduroShield can also reduce your needs for glass shower door repair in the future. With an EnduroShield installation, you can help your shower doors look their best for many years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of planning an EnduroShield installation for your bathroom.

A person wearing orange gloves is cleaning a glass window.

Versatile Applications
EnduroShield is appropriate for use on a variety of surfaces throughout your bathroom. For example, you can choose to treat your shower doors or mirrors with the EnduroShield product. Once coated with EnduroShield, these surfaces will have a layer of protection that repels water, dirt, and soap scum. Along with protecting your shower doors and mirrors, EnduroShield can also be used on your porcelain basins and tiles, as well as your floor and wall tiles.


Easy Cleaning
One of the many advantages of EnduroShield is that this product will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze. After your EnduroShield installation, you will be able to completely clean your bathroom with the simple wipe of a microfiber towel. In fact, EnduroShield has been shown to reduce bathroom cleaning time by as much as 90 percent. By helping you save time when you clean your bathroom, EnduroShield is a terrific investment for your home.

Easy Installation
If you have decided that EnduroShield is the right choice for your bathroom, you can look forward to an easy installation process. When you set up an EnduroShield installation, a technician will be able to perform this service over the course of a single day. After your bathroom has been coated with EnduroShield, you can look forward to many years of worry-free cleaning and maintenance.