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Safety Tips for Tempered Glass

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Tempered Glass, Uncategorized

Tempered glass is a specialized product that is designed to offer enhanced safety. When you are planning a shower door replacement with your glass company, you may want to consider using tempered glass. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small pieces that will reduce your chances of injury. To ensure that you are completely safe during your glass replacement, it is a great idea to schedule services with a company offering glass repair in Houston . To help you prepare for your glass installation project, here is a look at some safety tips for working with tempered glass.

Wear Safety Goggles
Whenever you are working with tempered glass , it is crucial to wear protective eyewear. Safety goggles will protect your eyes in the event that your tempered glass breaks during installation. To ensure that you are totally protected, you will need to put on your safety goggles as soon as you start working with tempered glass. By wearing the right protective equipment, you can install your tempered glass with total confidence.

A construction worker standing in a construction site.

Use Corner Protectors
Tempered glass is most vulnerable to breakage at its corners. If you need to move or install tempered glass, it is a good idea to make sure that your glass panel is equipped with corner protectors. In the event that your tempered glass falls, the corner protectors will help prevent breakage. As you are moving the glass, be sure to use the utmost caution so that the corner protectors do not get snagged.

Watch the Temperature
During a tempered glass installation, it is essential to make sure that your glass is at room temperature. Since tempered glass is sensitive to temperature shifts, it is best to install your glass when it has come to room temperature. You may want to leave your glass in your home overnight so that it reaches the same temperature as your indoor spaces. A glass company can provide you with safe installation services during your glass replacement project.