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Redesigning a Glass Bathroom Shower

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Bathroom Remodel, Uncategorized


Glass bathroom showers can offer a look of luxury as well as eliminate problems that other designs must deal with, such as mold and mildew on the inside of a shower curtain. Between the fixtures, the space, and the shower doors in Houston , there are countless ways you can design your shower. Watch this video for some tips on redesigning a glass bathroom shower.

You will want your glass bathroom shower to be made of tempered glass so that it does not shatter on impact. If you have any doors that may swing open into the shower, it is important to install a doorstopper to prevent any damage from occurring. Frameless shower doors can be beautiful but tend to be more expensive than framed doors. On the other hand, doorframes with metal finishes leave plenty of room for aesthetic creativity that is not seen with frameless shower doors.