How EnduroShield Can Save You Time and Money

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Cleaning Glass, EnduroShield, Uncategorized

Cleaning your shower doors in Houston may not be the most exciting task, but there are treatments that can make cleaning your frameless shower doors less tedious. EnduroShield is one such treatment that aims to make your shower door maintenance easier. Continue reading to find out how EnduroShield can save you time and money.

A person wearing a yellow glove cleaning a shower.

Between soap scum, mold and mildew, and mineral deposits from hard water, glass shower doors tend to see a great deal of grime. EnduroShield was designed to ward off all of these elements by coating your shower doors and protecting them from both oil and water based stains. You can then easily clean your shower doors using microfiber cloths or solutions comprised of household cleaners and water. With EnduroShield, you can clean your shower doors efficiently without having to spend money on extra strength cleaners. This treatment only needs to be applied one time and may be used on old shower doors or shower door replacements. If you are particularly environmentally conscious, you will enjoy the fact that this treatment enables you to clean your doors without having to worry about the toxicity of heavier cleaning agents.