How Does Soundproof Glass Work?

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Soundproof Glass, Uncategorized

Soundproof glass can transform the noisiest room into a quiet sanctuary. If your home is affected by street noise or other bothersome sounds, you may want to talk to your glass company about a soundproof glass installation. When you choose soundproof glass for your glass replacement, you will block any unwanted noises from coming into your home. Like bullet-resistant glass, soundproof glass relies on innovative manufacturing methods to achieve its special properties. A glass company located in Houston can tell you more about the types of glass that are available to you during your installation. Read on to learn more about how soundproof glass works.

A glass wall with a plant in it.

Transfer of Sound
One of the main principles behind soundproof glass is the transfer of sound. Sound is created by waves of energy, which travel through mediums such as air and water. As a sound wave travels, it causes the air that it passes through to vibrate. The frequency and pitch of the sound are determined by the size and length of the sound waves. For example, a louder sound is created by a higher frequency sound wave.

Sound Mediums
There are several different mediums that are able to transfer sound. For example, sound waves can travel through air, water, and gas. The rate at which sound travels through a medium is determined by the molecular structure of the medium itself. Soundproof glass is made up of a medium that creates a thick barrier against the sound waves. This barrier prevents sound waves from travelling through the pane of the glass.

Types of Soundproof Glass
Soundproof glass is available in several different styles. One of the most basic types of soundproof glass is called double glazed glass. This type of glass is coated with lamination, which is designed to block travelling sound waves. Other soundproof glass types include dead space soundproofing glass panels, or spring-load seals. Your glass installation professional can help you decide what type of soundproof glass will be best for your needs.