Deciding Between a Framed and Frameless Shower Door

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Shower Doors, Uncategorized

When it comes to choosing a new shower door in Houston, there are a few factors to consider if you want to make the right purchase. You will want a shower door that efficiently serves its purposes, improves the visual appeal of your bathroom, and does not cost you too much money. Keep reading if you need help deciding between a framed and frameless shower door.

A white bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

Just like any other fixture, appliance, or component of your bathroom has a purpose, your shower door has one as well. Your shower door is charged with the responsibility of keeping the water that pours from your showerhead inside the shower area. If your old door did not do a good job of this and you often stepped out of the shower to find the floor soaked in water, you may want your shower door replacement to have a frame. Doors with metal frames tend to be better equipped to prevent water from spraying outside the shower area. These kinds of doors come with sweeps and seals for this very purpose, so you can enjoy a dry bathroom floor after every shower.

Although framed doors can be excellent for the purpose of keeping your bathroom puddle free, homeowners also tend to be concerned with the aesthetic appeal that their bathrooms offer. In this case, your shower door can make a big difference. It is not impossible to find a visually pleasing framed shower door, but in this case frameless doors tend to take the advantage. Frameless shower doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and design options to fit an equally expansive array of bathroom themes. They can contribute to a more open aesthetic and are often found in luxury bathrooms.

If you are shopping for a shower door replacement, the ideal door will balance purpose, looks, and price. You will typically find that framed models run cheaper than their frameless counterparts since they do not require specialized parts or heavy polish. It is also worth noting that you may spend more time and effort on maintenance if you choose a frameless door.