Common Reasons for Broken Window Glass

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Broken Glass, Glass Repair, Residential Glass Replacement, Uncategorized

Many homeowners have most likely had to deal with a broken window at one point or another. There are many causes of needing window glass repair in Houston, from a bad storm to a stray baseball. It is important that broken window glass is repaired as soon as possible. A broken window can leave your home unprotected from unwanted debris or animals getting inside. This article will cover some of the common reasons for broken window glass.

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One of the leading causes of broken window glass in Houston is weather. Hurricanes can bring strong winds and heavy rain. While storm winds may not be enough to break window glass on their own, they can cause other items to break windows. Tree branches or other plants can break window glass when winds are strong enough. Unsecured patio furniture can break glass if left in an area where strong winds are present. Hurricane glass is a popular choice for residential glass, since it is stronger than traditional glass and can help protect your home.


Everyone knows that kids will be kids, and sometimes kids break things. Whether they are playing baseball in the summer or tossing a football in the fall, one bad throw can result in broken glass. To protect your windows, have a designated play area away from windows and supervise children playing with anything that can break a window. Even under supervision, accidents can happen resulting in broken glass.

Wear and Tear

Despite your best efforts to increase the longevity of your home’s windows, glass can deteriorate over the years. In areas with high humidity, such as Houston, glass can expand and shrink based on humidity levels. Glass windows that have a crack in them are also a common reason for broken windows. A crack, no matter how small, compromises the integrity and strength of a window. A cracked window is more likely to break. Cracked residential glass should be replaced as soon as possible.