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Cleaning Your Sliding Glass Doors

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Shower Doors, Uncategorized

When you plan a glass door replacement, there are several ways that you can clean and repair your sliding glass door. Using a paintbrush, you can clean dirt and debris away from the tracks of the glass door. In addition, you can keep the glass doors sliding smoothly by dampening a cloth and applying a thin layer of mineral spirits. If your door needs to be adjusted, you can use a screwdriver to make it open and close more smoothly. By keeping these maintenance tips in mind, you can keep your glass shower doors in great working condition.

A glass replacement company can provide you with all of the glass door repair tips you need to ensure that your doors are in great shape. For all of your glass door repair needs, be sure to work with a glass company located in Houston. To take a look at how to clean your sliding glass doors, watch this video from StatUpBox.