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  • Choosing Safety Glass for Your Business

    Are you in search of storefront glass installation in Houston for your business? Perhaps your business is in need of commercial glass replacement for a broken glass window or door. It’s important to take safety into consideration when choosing commercial glass services. Having your worn, degraded glass replaced by a professional commercial glass service has multiple benefits. Not only will your storefront look more clean and sophisticated, but your company will also avoid the safety hazards of being surrounded by degraded glass.

    There are several safety glass types available for businesses that require commercial glass replacement. If your company deals with large amounts of money or is located in a high-risk area, you may consider purchasing bullet resistant glass to keep you and your employees safe. Likewise, if severe weather poses a safety concern in your area, hurricane impact resistant safety glass may be a wise choice. Finally, laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass are also popular options for storefront glass installation.


  • Choosing Wall Mirrors That Match Your Design Style

    Are you considering mirror replacement in Houston? Wall mirrors give your home design a facelift by seeming to expand the space around them. They can offer a clean, minimalist look or decorate a space in need of a few glamorous touches. Keep reading to learn how to choose glass mirrors for your walls that match your design style.


    Use Shape to Reflect Your Style

    The first step is to choose a glass mirror shape that reflects your design style. Your wall mirror will be a focal point for your room, so choose a shape that fits in with other style elements in your home. Do you prefer clean, straight lines? You may consider hanging a series of rectangular beveled wall mirrors in a row. If you prefer a more romantic look, an oval or other unusual shape may work best. You can also use mirror shapes to expand your room in certain directions. Horizontal shapes can give the appearance of larger width, while tall vertical shapes can make a room appear to have higher ceilings.

    Choose a Size That Accentuates Your Style

    Consider what role you want your glass mirrors to play in your design style. This will help you choose the right size beveled glass wall mirror for any room. A glass mirror can act as a statement focal point, a simple design accent, or a clean slate for the background of your design. For a statement piece, choose a mirror that is large enough to catch the eye and then select a standout frame to make it pop. For accent pieces, try smaller glass mirrors that catch the light without reflecting a large part of the room. In order to use a mirror as the backdrop for your style, select a large beveled wall mirror without a frame so that the expanded space feels undefined. Finally, if you choose to put your mirror on a large wall, choose an appropriately sized mirror—something too small will seem out of place.

  • Incorporating an Oval Mirror into Your Bathroom Decor

    Are you considering purchasing new bathroom mirrors in Houston ? When it comes to glass mirrors in the bathroom, you have several different options for shape, size, and style. If you’re ready to update your bathroom décor with a new look, consider choosing an oval beveled glass mirror.

    Watch this video to learn how to incorporate oval glass mirrors into your bathroom décor. Oval glass mirrors have a distinct look that brings an added decorative touch to your bathroom design. If you want your mirror to be mainly functional, choose a beveled glass mirror that is large enough for daily tasks in the bathroom, such as shaving or make-up application. Just be sure to measure the dimensions of your bathroom walls before you go shopping for your beveled wall mirror—otherwise, your new oval mirror may not fit into the designated space.

  • Making a Small Space Feel Roomier with Mirrors

    Have a small room that needs some sprucing up? Consider using glass mirrors in Houston to bring light into your small area and give the illusion of expanded space. Beveled glass mirrors can add a nice touch to any décor theme while making a cramped space feel roomier. Keep reading for tips on using glass mirrors in small spaces.


    Expand Your Tiny Bathroom

    Trying to make the most of a small bathroom? One way to deal with a tiny bathroom space is to install floor-to-countertop bathroom mirrors behind the sink. Doing so will reflect more light, providing the illusion of extra space. In addition, it will add an area for shaving or cosmetic application purposes.

    Bring Light to a Dark Area

    Dark accent walls are particularly fashionable right now. However, when done wrong, dark walls can make a room feel cold and closed in. A beveled wall mirror can reflect light from other parts of the room, opening it up and illuminating part of the dark wall. Pay attention to what is being reflected into the mirror, and consider adding upbeat greenery to bring more life into the reflection.

    Use Multi-Purpose Mirrors

    If you’re especially short on space, you can mount glass mirrors on surfaces such as closet doors, storage cabinets, or shelves. Not only will the mirrors make the space feel larger, but they’ll also have a useful function in areas that might be used for multiple purposes, such as getting ready for the day.

    Create an Artistic Look

    Glass mirrors offer a double whammy when it comes to dressing up a small space. In addition to opening up otherwise closed-in areas, they also add a decorative touch to rooms that might feel crowded with traditional decorations. So consider using your mirrors as pieces of art by hanging different shapes and sizes in framed or solo varieties. You can create any pattern to suit your fancy, or install a beveled glass mirror for a unique visual effect.

  • Removing Hard Water Stains in Glass Doors

    If your shower has a glass shower door or a glass window, you should ask your glass company in Houston about how to prevent or remove hard water stains from the glass. Hard water contains calcium deposits that build up on the glass and can cause scratches and damage to the surface. These stains will also make your sparkling, clear glass shower door look white and cloudy.

    Watch this video for some great tips for removing hard water stains on glass shower doors. Professional house cleaner Rachel Yatuzis gives you a recipe for an all-natural glass cleaner that removes calcium deposits from glass.

  • Shower Doors 101: Choosing a Style

    Shower doors come in many different designs, each of which is made to complement a different type of bathroom. If you aren’t sure which type of shower door will accentuate your bathroom, read this article for tips on choosing a style. If you are shopping for shower doors in Houston , this guide can help you make the right choice. shower doors in houston

    Sliding Glass Doors

    Also known as bypass doors, this type of shower door takes up very little space. Bypass doors are essentially just a two- or three-panel glass door design that fits onto tracks, located on the top and bottom of the shower, so that the panels can slide past each other. Because of their simple and space-saving design, sliding glass doors are especially popular for stand-alone showers.

    Pivot Doors

    Sometimes referred to as swing-open doors, pivot doors swing outward from one side. These are another popular type of shower door because they can be installed in openings that are too small for a bypass door. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, the pivot door can be installed in order to swing in and out.

    Round Doors

    These doors are made to open inwards and are typically installed in stand-alone showers. Attached to the bottom and top of the frame, round shower doors feel sturdy and substantial. Fortunately, the curvature of the shower door expands the bathing area.


    Many shower doors are framed, which means they are framed in a material such as aluminum or composite. Framed doors include a track, which will need occasional cleaning. Frameless doors, on the other hand, are more modern and are easier to clean. They are straightforward and give the room a sense of spaciousness. Frameless shower doors tend to be popular in small bathrooms.

    Textured Glass

    With a texture very different from typical bathroom mirrors, frosted glass lends privacy to the shower and has a smooth texture. Rain glass shower doors are textured on one side, while the other side is smooth. In addition to providing privacy, rain glass shower doors hide fingerprints and watermarks.

  • Glass Services for Apartment Communities

    When you are constructing a new apartment community, chances are you will have the need for a company that specializes in residential glass on a larger scale. During the apartment community construction process, you will be outfitting dozens or possibly hundreds of units with new shower doors, front doors, and sliding doors. By finding a glass company located in Houston, you will be able to source all of your glass installation needs from a single supplier. Along with glass windows and doors, your glass company may also offer other types of residential glass, such as vanity mirrors and glass tabletops. By purchasing your glass from a single source, you can ensure that your construction is uniform in quality and design. In addition, a highly rated glass company near you will also offer 24/7 glass repair services, so you can rest assured that you will not be left waiting for an emergency glass specialist to assist you.

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