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  • What Is a Double Hung Window?

    Do you know the last time you had your windows repaired or replaced? If you are not sure, it may be time to call the experts in home window glass repair in Houston . Cracked, broken windows affect your home’s energy-efficiency and make your house less secure. Replacement windows are more aesthetically attractive, and improve your home in a variety of other ways.

    When you are considering getting replacement windows, you’ll find that there are a number of styles from which to choose. Double hung windows are one of the most popular options, as they are functional and easy to operate. A double hung window has two sashes of glass in the same frame, and both the upper and lower halves can be opened and closed. Typically, these are designed so that the sashes stay in place on their own in the frame, and can be adjusted so you can open them incrementally or all the way.

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  • Reasons to Choose Insulated Glass

    The windows and doors in your home allow you to see outside, and let in fresh air and sun when the weather is pleasant out. If you have noticed that your windows are drafty, cracked, or otherwise damaged, it may be time for residential glass replacement in Houston . Cracked windows do not function the way they should, and can make your home less comfortable. Valuable heating and cooling can escape through broken windows, driving up your monthly energy bills. When you choose insulated glass for your residential glass replacement windows, you’ll be making a smart choice. Read on to find out why you should choose insulated glass. insulated - glass


    If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you’re looking for ways to reduce your overall expenses. This includes your utility bills, particularly in the summer and winter when your HVAC system is working its hardest. Insulated glass provides an extra layer of protection, keeping cool air inside in the summer and warm air inside in the winter. With the help of insulated glass, you may be able to reduce your home’s energy bills. This can also help extend the life of your heating and cooling system, as it won’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable throughout seasons of peak usage.

    Reduced Noise

    Whether you live on a busy street or in a residential neighborhood, you value your privacy. When noise from the outdoors infiltrates your house, it can make you feel on-edge and less settled in your house. Your sleep could also be affected, which may make you feel tired and irritable during your days. In addition to providing temperature insulation, insulated glass for your doors and windows will help reduce the amount of noise that gets into your home. Sound won’t be able to pass through multiple panes of residential glass as easily, which means that you’ll have the peace and quiet in your home that you want and deserve.

  • Let Hurricane Glass & Mirror Service Your Apartment Community

    There is no better company to trust your mirrors and apartment glass near Houston than with Hurricane Glass & Mirror. With over 30 years of experience, Hurricane Glass & Mirror has nailed down the glass and mirror market with efficient delivery, installation, repairs, and replacement. Whether you need mirrors or apartment glass windows and patio doors, call Hurricane Glass & Mirror to service your community.

    • Many apartment glass doors and windows all come in standard sizes. Hurricane Glass & Mirror has many of these sizes available and are always willing to provide customizable glass and mirrors, if needed.
    • If your apartment community experiences heavy winds or weather conditions—resulting in several broken windows or mirrors—you will find a team with vast experience in multi-unit glass repair.
    • Hurricane Glass & Mirror can always provide the necessary hardware for locks and rollers used in glass windows or wardrobe doors.
    • No matter when you have an emergency, you will always have a live representative available to help at Hurricane Glass & Mirror.


  • Exploring the Top Benefits of Glass Interior Walls

    Designers and architects have increasingly been fitting office and commercial spaces with glass interior walls. Glass partitions have a number of advantages over traditional walls and other partitions. They can muffle unwanted sound, while making the space feel open, light, and airy. Being able to see other workers can improve staff morale. A professional glass company located in Houston can help advise you on whether glass interior walls would be a good choice for your domestic or commercial property. glass interior walls houston

    Sleek, Attractive Design

    Glass walls are visually appealing. The use of glass partitions can create a streamlined look and a design which is distinctly contemporary in feel. They can give your company’s premises a modern look, in keeping with a future-oriented ethos and up-to-date working practices. The use of glass partitions helps to create a unified space. Glass interior walls also make more efficient use of light. Natural light and views of the outside can make employees feel more cheerful and motivated. Large open spaces provide more pleasant working environments than small, windowless rooms, or boxed-in cubicles.

    Transparency and Communication

    Glass partitions can improve communication between members of your office staff. Knocking on the closed door of someone’s office can feel intimidating. Most people feel much more comfortable approaching someone whom they can see. Being able to see other staff members at work can increase employees’ sense of team identity. It also encourages trust, since everyone’s activities are clearly visible. This decreases any fear of secret transactions happening behind closed doors. If your company is committed to openness and transparency, your choice of glass interior walls can be used to reflect that philosophy.


    Glass is an economical, hardwearing material. With proper use, glass walls can last for many years. Glass does not rust or tarnish. It is easy to keep clean and in good condition. Glass interior walls are a classic design feature that will never go out of style.

  • A Look at the Long-Term Benefits of Hurricane-Resistant Windows

    If you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes, you should consider replacement residential glass windows made of hurricane-resistant glass near Houston . Windows made of hurricane-resistant glass can protect you physically and financially in the event of a hurricane. Here is a look at some of the long-term benefits of installing hurricane-resistant glass windows. hurricane glass in houston

    Protects Your Home from Hurricane Damage

    One of the primary benefits of hurricane residential glass is that it prevents damage to your windows and home if a hurricane hits. Hurricane glass is constructed to withstand the most severe storms, and your windows won’t break even when subjected to extreme pressure, wind forces, and flying debris. Average windows won’t be protected if they are just boarded up, as the forceful winds of a hurricane will simply rip the boards off. When you install hurricane-resistant glass windows, you eliminate your risk of paying for costly window repairs or window replacement after a severe storm or hurricane.

    Improves Energy Efficiency

    Hurricane glass windows are double-paned windows, which means that they offer maximum UV protection. The glass blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and thus prevents heat from outdoors from entering your home. This allows your cooling system to operate more quickly and efficiently. Hurricane-resistant windows also insulate your home from the cold outdoor air in the winter. Unlike regular windows, hurricane glass keeps your indoor air from escaping as well, so it’s easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year. All in all, this investment will make your heating and cooling systems more energy efficient, and will reduce your energy bills.

    Offers Powerful Noise Reduction

    Another benefit of hurricane-resistant windows is that they offer very powerful noise reduction. Double-paned windows can block out outdoor noise from traffic, construction, dogs, and neighbors. Your home will be a much more peaceful environment. Likewise, your neighbors won’t be disturbed by most noises, like music, coming from your home.

  • Common Reasons for Broken Window Glass

    Many homeowners have most likely had to deal with a broken window at one point or another. There are many causes of needing window glass repair in Houston, from a bad storm to a stray baseball. It is important that broken window glass is repaired as soon as possible. A broken window can leave your home unprotected from unwanted debris or animals getting inside. This article will cover some of the common reasons for broken window glass.

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    One of the leading causes of broken window glass in Houston is weather. Hurricanes can bring strong winds and heavy rain. While storm winds may not be enough to break window glass on their own, they can cause other items to break windows. Tree branches or other plants can break window glass when winds are strong enough. Unsecured patio furniture can break glass if left in an area where strong winds are present. Hurricane glass is a popular choice for residential glass, since it is stronger than traditional glass and can help protect your home.


    Everyone knows that kids will be kids, and sometimes kids break things. Whether they are playing baseball in the summer or tossing a football in the fall, one bad throw can result in broken glass. To protect your windows, have a designated play area away from windows and supervise children playing with anything that can break a window. Even under supervision, accidents can happen resulting in broken glass.

    Wear and Tear

    Despite your best efforts to increase the longevity of your home’s windows, glass can deteriorate over the years. In areas with high humidity, such as Houston, glass can expand and shrink based on humidity levels. Glass windows that have a crack in them are also a common reason for broken windows. A crack, no matter how small, compromises the integrity and strength of a window. A cracked window is more likely to break. Cracked residential glass should be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Your Basement When You Replace Your Windows

    Every room in your home deserves good windows—and not just for aesthetic reasons. Installing replacement windows in Houston improves the insulation and efficiency of your home, which makes your home more comfortable and reduces heating and cooling costs. Watch this video clip to learn why you should consider calling a residential glass company to schedule a window replacement in your basement.

    Basement windows are usually made from single-pane glass. Single-pane glass does not provide much insulation, so energy is oftentimes lost through basement windows. Purchasing window inserts or replacement windows will improve insulation to save money and improve the comfort of the residential glass in your home.

  • Solving Glass Problems for Apartment Communities

    If you own an apartment community or have the responsibility of adding windows to an apartment, Hurricane Glass and Mirror has a fantastic selection of residential glass in Houston . Hurricane Glass and Mirror has more than 25 years of experience providing glass solutions for apartment communities in and near Harris County.

    Hurricane Glass and Mirror has most of the sizes used for glass, mirrors, and patio doors already in its system. This makes it easy for them to help with questions, concerns, and orders. Hurricane Glass and Mirror provides free measuring services in order to catalog the size of glass used on the apartment property. Residential glass delivery and installation is available, and a variety of screen sizes in many different colors and materials can be custom fit to any window or door. Hurricane Glass and Mirror also offers parts, supplies, and replacement services for windows and doors. Both single- and double-pane residential glass options are available from our glass company.

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  • Using Glass for Shower Walls

    When you are designing a new shower, you will have the option of choosing either tile or residential glass for your shower wall design . If you are seeking a very durable and modern material for your shower doors and walls, you may want to consider working with a glass company to create a glass enclosure. A company that specializes in glass and window repair will be able to execute your glass shower walls to perfection. You will want to make sure that your glass is installed to provide you with the best visibility and style. For more information about how to use glass for your shower walls, check out this informative video from ehowathomechannel.

  • What Causes Moisture In Between Window Panes?

    Double-pane windows, or insulated windows, are highly energy-efficient—able to lessen the amount of heat passing through their panes that are going into or out of homes. These windows are particularly useful during cold winter months. If your home has double-pane windows and you notice any condensation or fogging developing in between the panes, you should contact a professional who specializes in glass window repair in Houston . Moisture accumulating in between windows is an indication that your window’s seals have been compromised, and that they are allowing air to infiltrate the chamber between the glasses.

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    Thermal Pumping
    Insulated windows are constructed with two panes of glass that are placed parallel to each other on a specialized frame. Inside the frame, and in between the glass panes, is a closed chamber that is sealed off and is usually surrounded by a desiccant (moisture-absorbing) strip. This space traps a layer of air—or gas, such as argon or krypton—which expands and contracts. When sunlight warms up the space, the air expands and creates pressure against the panes. When night falls, the air is cooled and contracts. Over time, these daily cycles, known as thermal or solar pumping, can stress the window’s glass’s seals, causing them to crack. Eventually, these cracks widen enough to allow air to enter the chamber. Water vapor in air condenses when it comes into contact with a relatively cold surface, producing moisture on the panes.

    Window Failure
    Windows located on walls that are not shaded from the sun, or where sunlight is strong, are susceptible to larger temperature fluctuations, which mean they experience more intense thermal pumping and a higher rate of failure. Window frames made of vinyl can experience greater thermal-expansion rates and long-term stress, which result in a higher rate of failure. Windows can also fail due to manufacturing defects.

    Window Damage
    If you neglect to address a moisture issue in between your double-pane window, you risk permanently damaging that window. Condensation can bead continuously on glass inside your window’s chamber, and those droplets run down the glass over and over, consequently etching grooves into its surface. In extreme cases, silica hazing can occur when a window’s desiccant becomes oversaturated and erodes. Silica particles can be carried by air moving through cracks in the seals, which can accumulate on glass surfaces and ruin them.