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  • How to Prolong Your Home’s Windows

    After your glass repair company in Houston has left, you need to make sure your new windows are kept in good shape for a long time. The best way to keep your windows looking brand-new and maintaining their structure is with professional window cleaning done at least twice a year. Ask your glass replacement specialist if his glass repair company offers window cleaning or if he can recommend a professional window cleaner.

    Watch the short video for more information on how professional window cleaning can benefit your windows. Depending on your location, you may need frequent cleanings to maintain the integrity of the window. Areas overcome with a lot of dust and debris can damage windows unless they are properly cleaned. Be sure to follow your glass replacement specialist’s advice on the best ways to care for your replacement windows.

  • Choosing the Right Size Mirror

    Whether you are installing a new glass mirror or a mirror replacement in Houston, there are a few factors you want to keep in mind as you choose the size. Choosing a glass mirror for your vanity requires some measurements and preplanning .

    Watch the video for some tips when choosing your bathroom mirror in Houston. Measure your vanity; your mirror should be at least one inch smaller than the vanity on each side. If you plan to install lights around the mirror, then it should be smaller to accommodate the width of the lights. Determining the height will be based on a backsplash or outlet installation. For example, the glass mirror may need to be shorter in height to accommodate a tall backsplash over the vanity.

  • What You Need to Know About Decorating With Mirrors

    If you’ve been thinking of creating a new look for your home, mirrors can offer some creative possibilities for home décor. A well-placed mirror can reflect light, create an illusion of depth, or make a room appear larger. Mirrors can be used in every room of the house to brighten up your home. Experiment with using mirrors in living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms. If your mirrors have become stained, cracked, or damaged, contact a reputable company offering repairs and mirror replacement in Houston for help. Mirrors need not be restricted to the insides of closet doors and the space above your bathroom sink. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used in a number of different ways to enhance the look and feel of your home. glass mirror houston

    Create a Beautiful Table Centerpiece

    A narrow mirror can be used to create a striking table centerpiece. Place vases of fruit or flowers or other table decorations on the mirror for a stunning effect. Choose a long, thin mirror, similar to the kind you might place inside a wardrobe.

    Make a Room Look Larger or Brighter

    Make a small or moderate sized room appear larger by carefully propping a three-quarter length mirror against one of the walls. The reflection will create an illusion of increased space. Alternatively, a mirror positioned so as to reflect a window can increase the light in a room on a sunny day, or make the room appear more spacious.

    Create Other Visual Effects

    Try grouping a set of small mirrors together to create interesting reflections . Mix and match their frames as you might do with a group of photographs or small paintings. Combine metal and wooden framed mirrors or mirrors of slightly different sizes and shapes. You can also use mirrors to reflect flickering candlelight. Place a group of candles in front of a mirror for interesting, soft lighting.

  • Essential Tips for Designing With Mirrors

    If you are interested in mirror fabrication or mirror replacement in Houston, you are not alone. Mirrors are a popular design element that can enhance any space when used well. New, updated mirrors are capable of changing the way a space looks and changing the way you feel in a space. However, it is important to keep in mind a few key principles when decorating with mirrors.

    Consider How a Mirror Will Affect A Space

    Interior designers frequently utilize a mirror wall to make a room feel larger than it is. This is a great trick if your home has smaller rooms that feel a bit cramped or claustrophobic. Similarly, a long mirror in a narrow hallway can give it a more open feel. If you are hesitant to employ an entire mirror wall, consider a large mirror hung on a wall that faces a window or doorway.

    Consider How a Mirror Will Affect Light

    Do you wish there were a way to brighten up your rooms that get the least natural light? A strategically placed mirror or grouping of mirrors will reflect light and distribute it throughout your room. Be sure to consider where your best light sources exist and then place mirrors in spots that will reflect this light into other areas of the room. For example, hang a mirror across from a small window can increase the light drawn into the room.

    Consider Using Mirrors As Functional Art

    A full length mirror in a decorative frame is an impressive statement piece that will enhance your home. Art for your home does not need to be limited only to paintings and sculptures; mirrors can be gorgeous, too! Choose a framed mirror that fits your home’s décor and hang it by the front door. It will be the first item visitors see when entering your home, and the last item you see when giving your appearance a final once-over on your way out the door.