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  • Using Glass Table Tops in Your Home’s Décor

    There are many ways to incorporate different glass table tops into your home’s décor. Many people may choose a solid piece of glass for their dining room table or as part of their coffee table design. These are beautiful ways to use glass table tops in Houston , but there are some other interesting ways that a glass table top can complete your home’s décor. Continue reading to learn about a few new ways to use glass table tops around the house. glass - table - top

    Entryway Glass Table Top

    Upon entry, you and your guests can become mesmerized by a glass table top nestled near the entryway. By having a glass table top, you will be able to trick the mind into believing the entryway space is larger than it truly is. A clear glass table top will also allow the light to flow better throughout the small entryway area. In addition to both of these benefits, a glass table top shows a level of sophistication and modernism that you and your guests will appreciate every time you set foot through the door.

    Cantilevered Glass Table Top

    For a truly modern look, consider installing a cantilevered glass table top as your dining room table or as your desk. A cantilevered table top is suspended from the ceiling, meaning it does not require legs to stay in place. This type of construction will open the look of your dining room or office and create an interesting talking piece for when guests come over.

    Texturized Glass Table Top

    There are many other ways to make your glass table tops a part of your interior décor, such as purchasing texturized glass. There are many different constructions of glass table tops that can add to the personality of your home. Textures, like a “barked” edge or frosted glass, help bring movement to your home’s décor. There are many different textures and methods of construction that can change how your glass table tops look, so consult your glass and mirror company about the right table top for your home.

  • Reducing Energy Costs at Your Business with Insulated Glass

    When you are researching storefront glass installation in Houston, insulated glass should be your first choice . This strong and energy-efficient commercial glass replacement will keep your energy bills down, saving you more money and keeping your business safer. Here are some of the ways your business will be better off after installing insulated glass.

    1. Double-paned insulated glass will reduce your energy bills significantly. If your office space employs a lot of windows, commercial glass replacement with insulation will cut down on the heat transfer and result in a much more comfortable work space without high overhead costs.
    2. Insulated glass is much stronger than normal glass. With an insulated storefront glass installation, your business will be much safer from attempted break-ins.
    3. You will also notice the added benefit of a quieter work space. Insulated glass windows produce a soundproofing effect. Even if the office or building is noisy, the insulated windows will keep the noise to a minimum, making for a quieter and more focused workplace.

  • Open the Window to the Benefits of Insulated Glass [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you own a home, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about insulated glass, but you may not be aware of the many benefits. When it comes to residential glass, insulated windows and doors provide a range of advantages. Insulated glass is resistant to impact, so it keeps your home safer during hurricanes and other severe storms and also acts as a deterrent against break-ins. It also improves energy efficiency in your home by reducing heat loss. Find out more about why people are choosing insulated residential glass for their window replacements in this infographic from Hurricane Glass & Mirror . Our glass company located in Houston offers insulated glass window replacement, glass shower door repair, and much more. Contact us to find out how cost effective insulated glass can be, and please share this information with your friends and neighbors so they too can consider the benefits of upgrading to better glass. residential glass; commercial glass; mirrors; plexiglass; shower doorsSecondary: replacement windows; front doors; window; bathroom mirrors; window repairTertiary: sliding doors; tempered glass; window replacement; frameless shower doors; glass repair; wall mirrors; full length mirror; vanity mirror; glass coffee table; sliding glass doors; glass shower doors; storm doors; bay window; hurricane glass; glass company; walk in shower; wall mirror; double pane windows; glass dining table; glass replacement; glass table top; skylightKey Phrases: glass shower door repair in Houston; shower door replacement near Houston; broken glass repair in Houston; glass repair in Houston; glass company located in Houston; shower doors in Houston; shower door repair near Houston; broken glass replacement near Houston; glass replacement in Houston; glass replacement company near Houston; frameless shower doors in Houston; tempered glass in Houston; tempered safety glass in Houston; bullet resistant glass near Houston; hurricane resistant glass near Houston; glass furniture repair near Houston; glass window repair in Houston; glass window replacement in Houston; glass door repair near Houston; glass door replacement in Houston; window replacement in Houston; window repair located in Houston; mirror repair near Houston; mirror replacement in Houston; home window replacement near Houston; residential glass replacement in Houston; commercial glass replacement near Houston; commercial window replacement in Houston; glass mirror repair in Houston; glass tabletop replacement in Houston; glass tabletop repair in houston

  • What Causes Moisture In Between Window Panes?

    Double-pane windows, or insulated windows, are highly energy-efficient—able to lessen the amount of heat passing through their panes that are going into or out of homes. These windows are particularly useful during cold winter months. If your home has double-pane windows and you notice any condensation or fogging developing in between the panes, you should contact a professional who specializes in glass window repair in Houston . Moisture accumulating in between windows is an indication that your window’s seals have been compromised, and that they are allowing air to infiltrate the chamber between the glasses.

    window repair in houston

    Thermal Pumping
    Insulated windows are constructed with two panes of glass that are placed parallel to each other on a specialized frame. Inside the frame, and in between the glass panes, is a closed chamber that is sealed off and is usually surrounded by a desiccant (moisture-absorbing) strip. This space traps a layer of air—or gas, such as argon or krypton—which expands and contracts. When sunlight warms up the space, the air expands and creates pressure against the panes. When night falls, the air is cooled and contracts. Over time, these daily cycles, known as thermal or solar pumping, can stress the window’s glass’s seals, causing them to crack. Eventually, these cracks widen enough to allow air to enter the chamber. Water vapor in air condenses when it comes into contact with a relatively cold surface, producing moisture on the panes.

    Window Failure
    Windows located on walls that are not shaded from the sun, or where sunlight is strong, are susceptible to larger temperature fluctuations, which mean they experience more intense thermal pumping and a higher rate of failure. Window frames made of vinyl can experience greater thermal-expansion rates and long-term stress, which result in a higher rate of failure. Windows can also fail due to manufacturing defects.

    Window Damage
    If you neglect to address a moisture issue in between your double-pane window, you risk permanently damaging that window. Condensation can bead continuously on glass inside your window’s chamber, and those droplets run down the glass over and over, consequently etching grooves into its surface. In extreme cases, silica hazing can occur when a window’s desiccant becomes oversaturated and erodes. Silica particles can be carried by air moving through cracks in the seals, which can accumulate on glass surfaces and ruin them.

  • The Benefits of Insulated Glass

    Insulated glass minimizes heat transfer to save energy and make your home or office more comfortable. The energy savings can be substantial, especially if you are replacing old, inefficient single-pane windows. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial replacement windows in Houston , insulated glass is the best option for your home or office. Here is a look at some of the main benefits of insulated glass.


    Insulated windows are compatible with low-e coatings, which offer further insulation from heat and cold. Insulated windows can be installed with almost any material, but fiberglass, vinyl, and wood are the typical choices.

    insulated glass houston


    Heat loss through windows can take place in four different ways: infiltration, conduction, radiation, and convection. During infiltration, air leaks in and out of the gaps along the edges. With conduction, heat moves through the window glass. In radiation, heat moves from a warmer object to a nearby cooler object, which can cause up to 65 percent of heat loss in a home. When hot air rises and cold air sinks, cold air takes air with it toward the window—this is called convection. Insulated glass is either double- or triple-pained, which prevents the loss of heat through infiltration, conduction, and convention. It also regulates the temperature of the interior glass, which significantly reduces heat loss through radiation.


    Insulated glass not only keeps the temperature even and more comfortable indoors, but it helps maintain a more comfortable humidity level. This improves indoor air quality and prevents problems with your skin, eyes, and lungs that can develop from extremely low or high humidity. Insulated glass also reduces the risk of condensation on the windows, which can lead to mold growth and threats to indoor air quality.


    Whether double- or triple-paned, insulated glass greatly reduces outside noises. This is because in between the panels of glass there is a section of air that prevents noises from passing through. You can also find insulated glass with krypton or argon gas between the panes for further noise reduction.