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  • Adding a Glass Table to Your Living Room

    The great thing about custom glass table tops in Houston is their strength and durability. Whether you choose an elegant and simple look for your glass furniture, or you prefer a more decorative talking piece, your glass table top will be created as thick and strong as you request. Continue reading for some great ways you can use a glass table in your living room.


    Decorative Glass Tables

    For the homeowner who wishes for their living room to stand out, there are decorative custom table tops. These glass table tops can feature any sort of decorative element a homeowner may want. The base that holds the glass can come in a variety of woods and iron, all custom designed to suit whatever décor you have in your home. If you wish to create an even more decorative piece, then consider adding elements of stained or frosted glass to the table top. You may also wish to create various patterns and designs in the glass itself.

    Coffee and End Tables

    The most common uses a homeowner might have for custom glass are coffee tables and end tables. These sturdy pieces of furniture can be designed with greater decoration in mind; however, most glass coffee and end tables tend to look simple and utilitarian in the living room. Many homeowners prefer this look because they can accent it with decorations and bright furniture. No matter your design preference, a glass coffee table is always a classic look that can complete any living room décor.

    Game Night and Party Tables

    There is no better way to bring your friends and family together than with a beautiful glass table top in your living room. These useful tables provide a gathering point for everyone to sit around and enjoy their time together. If you host game nights, then design your custom table top with drawers underneath for easy access to board games. Even if you simply wish to have a great entertaining spot, then provide some coasters for the drinks and invite everyone over for a memorable night of fun.

  • Spotlight on the History of Glassmaking

    Spotlight on the History of Glassmaking Houston When you install glass shower doors in your home, there is a way in which your new glass is really the results of thousands of years of design and innovation. Modern glass originated during the Ptolemaic period of Ancient Greece, when the first glass makers created glass pieces for tile mosaics. Over the centuries, new methods of creating glass were developed. For example, artisans in Syria created the technique of glassblowing. In the early 1900s, a man named Irving Colburn created the first piece of sheet glass. This type of glass is used to this day to create windows, doors and other products. When you schedule a broken glass replacement for your home, your glass window repair expert will use a type of sheet glass to repair the broken area. A glass company located in Houston will provide you with the best products and techniques for your glass repair needs.