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  • Familiarize Yourself with Glass Terminology

    There are many terms that a glass company serving Houston will probably use when helping you decide on a glass replacement. These terms, ranging from “acrylic” to “wire glass” are all necessary terms to describe various types of glass, glass treatments, and glass repair services. Continue reading to learn some of the common terminology you will hear, and do not forget to ask your glass repair company for clarification if you are ever confused.

    • When your glass company in Houston talks about the “sash” of a window, they are referring to the glass and the frame attached to it.
    • If your installer mentions a “slider,” he is talking about the type of window that has panels that move either horizontally or vertically.
    • You may benefit from a “storm window” or hurricane glass in Houston. Storm windows are the name for a second window installed inside or outside of a primary window. This gives more insulation and protection. Hurricane glass is typically made from a stronger glass that can withstand wind pressure and debris damage.

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  • Adding a Glass Table to Your Living Room

    The great thing about custom glass table tops in Houston is their strength and durability. Whether you choose an elegant and simple look for your glass furniture, or you prefer a more decorative talking piece, your glass table top will be created as thick and strong as you request. Continue reading for some great ways you can use a glass table in your living room.


    Decorative Glass Tables

    For the homeowner who wishes for their living room to stand out, there are decorative custom table tops. These glass table tops can feature any sort of decorative element a homeowner may want. The base that holds the glass can come in a variety of woods and iron, all custom designed to suit whatever décor you have in your home. If you wish to create an even more decorative piece, then consider adding elements of stained or frosted glass to the table top. You may also wish to create various patterns and designs in the glass itself.

    Coffee and End Tables

    The most common uses a homeowner might have for custom glass are coffee tables and end tables. These sturdy pieces of furniture can be designed with greater decoration in mind; however, most glass coffee and end tables tend to look simple and utilitarian in the living room. Many homeowners prefer this look because they can accent it with decorations and bright furniture. No matter your design preference, a glass coffee table is always a classic look that can complete any living room décor.

    Game Night and Party Tables

    There is no better way to bring your friends and family together than with a beautiful glass table top in your living room. These useful tables provide a gathering point for everyone to sit around and enjoy their time together. If you host game nights, then design your custom table top with drawers underneath for easy access to board games. Even if you simply wish to have a great entertaining spot, then provide some coasters for the drinks and invite everyone over for a memorable night of fun.

  • Simplifying the Process of Caring for Your Glass Tabletop

    Want to keep your glass tabletops looking great for many years to come? It’s important to maintain proper glass care to extend the life of your tabletop and ensure it remains an elegant centerpiece for your living room. Read on to learn some simple strategies for extending the life of the new glass tabletop you recently bought or plan to purchase from a custom glass company in Houston.


    Use a Light Hand

    A glass topped desk or table is a functional piece that can be used for many different purposes. However, because it is made of a delicate material, it must be treated gently. This means refraining from piling heavy objects on the glass tabletop. Excess weight can cause the glass to crack or break, ruining your elegant piece. Try to only use your glass furniture for storing everyday items, such as coffee table books or vases of flowers. When placing these items on the tabletop, set them down gently. Allowing books or other objects to fall onto the table, even from a height of an inch or two, can crack the glass.

    Keep It Clean

    In order for glass to maintain its beautiful transparent look, it must be cleaned regularly. Dust and fingerprints can easily accumulate on a glass table top, so it’s important to keep a daily cleaning schedule to remove these smudges. Fortunately, window cleaner or a water-and-vinegar solution will take them right off without leaving unsightly streaks. Make sure you offer your guests coasters for their drinks to avoid getting water rings on the table, as these can require some extra scrubbing to be removed.

    Avoid Scratches

    Be careful when choosing which accent pieces to place on your glass furniture. Remember that certain materials can scratch glass, especially those with sharp corners or rough edges. Choose items that have smooth bases and can sit in a stable position on top of the glass. You can also avoid scratches by taking off any rings or other jewelry that you might be wearing while cleaning the table. Finally, keep your glass furniture away from high-traffic areas to avoid any accidents that could result in a scratched or cracked glass tabletop.

  • Exploring the Top Benefits of Glass Interior Walls

    Designers and architects have increasingly been fitting office and commercial spaces with glass interior walls. Glass partitions have a number of advantages over traditional walls and other partitions. They can muffle unwanted sound, while making the space feel open, light, and airy. Being able to see other workers can improve staff morale. A professional glass company located in Houston can help advise you on whether glass interior walls would be a good choice for your domestic or commercial property. glass interior walls houston

    Sleek, Attractive Design

    Glass walls are visually appealing. The use of glass partitions can create a streamlined look and a design which is distinctly contemporary in feel. They can give your company’s premises a modern look, in keeping with a future-oriented ethos and up-to-date working practices. The use of glass partitions helps to create a unified space. Glass interior walls also make more efficient use of light. Natural light and views of the outside can make employees feel more cheerful and motivated. Large open spaces provide more pleasant working environments than small, windowless rooms, or boxed-in cubicles.

    Transparency and Communication

    Glass partitions can improve communication between members of your office staff. Knocking on the closed door of someone’s office can feel intimidating. Most people feel much more comfortable approaching someone whom they can see. Being able to see other staff members at work can increase employees’ sense of team identity. It also encourages trust, since everyone’s activities are clearly visible. This decreases any fear of secret transactions happening behind closed doors. If your company is committed to openness and transparency, your choice of glass interior walls can be used to reflect that philosophy.


    Glass is an economical, hardwearing material. With proper use, glass walls can last for many years. Glass does not rust or tarnish. It is easy to keep clean and in good condition. Glass interior walls are a classic design feature that will never go out of style.

  • What You Need to Know About Decorating With Mirrors

    If you’ve been thinking of creating a new look for your home, mirrors can offer some creative possibilities for home décor. A well-placed mirror can reflect light, create an illusion of depth, or make a room appear larger. Mirrors can be used in every room of the house to brighten up your home. Experiment with using mirrors in living rooms, kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms. If your mirrors have become stained, cracked, or damaged, contact a reputable company offering repairs and mirror replacement in Houston for help. Mirrors need not be restricted to the insides of closet doors and the space above your bathroom sink. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used in a number of different ways to enhance the look and feel of your home. glass mirror houston

    Create a Beautiful Table Centerpiece

    A narrow mirror can be used to create a striking table centerpiece. Place vases of fruit or flowers or other table decorations on the mirror for a stunning effect. Choose a long, thin mirror, similar to the kind you might place inside a wardrobe.

    Make a Room Look Larger or Brighter

    Make a small or moderate sized room appear larger by carefully propping a three-quarter length mirror against one of the walls. The reflection will create an illusion of increased space. Alternatively, a mirror positioned so as to reflect a window can increase the light in a room on a sunny day, or make the room appear more spacious.

    Create Other Visual Effects

    Try grouping a set of small mirrors together to create interesting reflections . Mix and match their frames as you might do with a group of photographs or small paintings. Combine metal and wooden framed mirrors or mirrors of slightly different sizes and shapes. You can also use mirrors to reflect flickering candlelight. Place a group of candles in front of a mirror for interesting, soft lighting.

  • Keeping Your Glass Coffee Table in Top Condition

    After purchasing a glass coffee table from a glass company located in Houston , you’ll want to make sure that you know how to clean and maintain it so that this residential glass lasts as long as possible. If there are children or pets in your home, your glass coffee table should not be placed in a high traffic area. That would increase the risk of cracked, broken, or damaged glass that would require costly glass replacement or repair. It also increases the risk of injury due to broken glass.

    Your residential glass tabletop should be cleaned weekly with gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products. Never use a steel wool pad or abrasive cleansers on glass. You also shouldn’t use cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia. Before cleaning the glass tabletop, dust it carefully with a microfiber cloth. You can then clean the glass with glass cleaner, or a mixture of water and a couple of drops of mild dishwashing liquid.

    Every few weeks, you should spray the table with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let the solution sit on the glass tabletop for about five minutes, and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

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  • The Right Way to Use Mirrors in Interior Design

    Though generally regarded as practical items, mirrors can be used to dazzling effect in thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing design schemes. Whether reflecting light from a bay window or adding a sparkling element to a kitchen’s backsplash, mirrors are highly versatile. Ask a design professional at any glass company located in Houston, and he or she will say that when mirrors are used correctly, they can add depth and dimension, as well as visual interest, to any room in your home. However, if used haphazardly, mirrors can bring attention to things in your home that you may not necessarily want to spotlight. Here are some pointers on how to use mirrors the right way in interior design.

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    Use Mirrors as Focal Points
    There aren’t many things that are more elegant in a home than a beautifully framed, full length mirror, placed on the floor and leaning against a wall. Not only can it be a statement piece, but it can also serve a practical purpose when strategically propped in a dressing area. Mirrored furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a desk, are also great candidates for being focal-point pieces.

    Use Mirrors to Make Smaller Spaces Seem Larger
    If you’re having trouble decorating a small room or a narrow hallway, you should utilize a well-placed mirror. Large mirrors in small rooms trick the eye into seeing depth that’s not actually there, making those spaces seem larger than they are. Similarly, a horizontal mirror placed in a narrow hallway can trick the eye into seeing width, making the space seem wider and creating a nicer transition between two rooms or entryways.

    Use Mirrors Intentionally
    Be very deliberate when choosing to use mirrors. Don’t use them randomly or as an afterthought. A mirror that’s thoughtlessly placed in a room can highlight unsightly things you really don’t want to see such as clutter, damage on walls or furniture, bad views from windows, or unattractive furniture pieces. Also, you should consider adopting some or all of the principals of feng shui—there is a bounty of information online or at your local bookstore regarding this ancient Chinese practice.

  • Glass Edge Designs

    Glass can be used for so much more than bathroom mirrors. In fact, at Hurricane Glass & Mirror, we can custom design a range of residential glass, such as glass mirrored walls, glass shower doors, glass front door, and glass table top in Houston . Our glass table tops have been used as desks, coffee tables, dining tables, conference tables, and patio tables. Unlike wood tables, glass tables are very difficult to damage and do not require refinishing.

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    Our glass tables are typically made from 1/4” thick plate glass, but we also have heavier glass that is 3/8” or even 1” thick. Our glass is American made and comes in a range of shades, patterns, and edge choices. The bark edge has an organic appearance similar to wood bark, while the bevel, double bevel, beveled ogee, and dual bevel edges have a formal, modern look. Our mitre, French mitre, chamfer, and high-polished edges are an attractive look if you are looking for a sharp edge design. In contrast, the pencil polish, ogee, bull nose, and waterfall edges are smooth and curvy.

  • How to Use Mirrors as Decoration

    Mirrors let you check your appearance before heading out, but they are also attractive design elements to any room. Not only can they reflect an object in the room, but they can reflect light in order to make a room look and feel bigger than it is. Continue reading for tips on how to decorate with mirrors near Houston .

    Outdoor Mirrors

    It’s not too common to see a mirror in an outdoor space, such as the porch. But a mirror is a great way to reflect light onto a seating area, or even reflect candlelight or moonlight. Decorate outdoor mirrors with a beautiful frame to further enhance the décor.

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    Custom Mirrors

    Large, custom bathroom mirrors are effective at enlarging small spaces like the bathroom and guest bedrooms. Our custom residential glass has also been used to create custom kitchen cabinet doors made of mirrored glass. A mirrored wardrobe or closet door is a beautiful, custom touch to a bedroom. We recommend having the mirror framed and divided by a panel to lighten its weight.


    To decorate your custom glass you will need an attractive frame. There are antique frames that can be restored and paired with custom glass, or new modern frames that match any contemporary room. It is also possible to have the frame itself overlaid with glass panels. Remember, the frame does not have to be hung on the wall—it can be set against the wall for a dramatic effect.

    Vanity Mirror

    Bathroom vanity mirrors are as much about the glass as the frame. Search for a beautiful frame that complements the bathroom’s décor, and we can build a custom vanity mirror out of high-quality glass to fit the frame perfectly.

    Bathroom Mirrors

    To further decorate the bathroom with mirrors, have custom glass installed on the drawers of a vanity table. Another option is to install a custom glass shower door and enclosure. Our glass shower options include a sliding door, pivot door, and round door. Our shower glass is custom, elegant, easy to clean, and waterproof.