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  • Ideas for Making Your Home Appear Bigger Using Mirrors

    It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel that they could get more enjoyment from their interiors if they had a bit more room. If your home lacks an open, spacious appearance, then consider making it seem bigger with the help of glass mirrors in Houston . mirror - decoration


    The kitchen is an area of the home that can often benefit from having more space. If your kitchen layout is small or galley-style, then you can benefit from adding mirrors to the room. Although this strategy will not actually increase the size of your kitchen, outfitting one of your kitchen’s walls with glass mirrors can make the space look double its size and feel more open.

    Sitting Rooms

    Does your sitting room feel a little too cozy? If so, then consider adding an oversized mirror to the space. Propping a huge, free-standing mirror against one of the room’s walls is an excellent way to add a dramatic, decorative element to the room’s design while also making it appear larger.

    Living Rooms

    If your living room features a fireplace, then you probably realize how this type of feature can make or break a design scheme. If your fireplace lacks visual appeal or if it’s overpowering the space, then installing mirror tiles in the alcoves is an excellent way to make the room feel brighter and more open. Hanging a large mirror over the mantle is also a great way to achieve this effect.


    If you’re like many people, then you wish that you had a bigger closet. While they won’t provide you with more space for your shoes, linens, or clothing, glass mirrors offer you a great way to enhance the look of your closet space.


    If you have closets with doors that take up a significant amount of the wall area in your bedroom, then consider installing glass mirrors to their exteriors. This option can make a bedroom appear bright and more open while providing you with an appealing way to enhance the look of your closet doors.

  • Decorating Your Home with Mirrors

    Glass mirrors are an essential part of your home’s décor. Whether you are looking to make a small bathroom appear bigger or create an interesting talking piece, glass mirrors in Houston should be a welcome addition to every home.

    As you can see in this video, there are many ways you can place glass mirrors around your house to create attractive and useful decorative pieces. To visually expand an area, place a large mirror across from glass doors. Look for mirrors with decorative frames or interesting designs placed over the mirror itself. Glass mirrors with an antiqued surface create beautiful decorations wherever you place them. If you have a small bathroom, then consider adding an oversized mirror to visually expand the space; or place smaller, stylized mirrors to reflect the light and brighten a small area.

  • Matching Your Mirror to Your Vanity

    Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or just looking to make some minor changes, there are many design elements to keep in mind. In addition to choosing the right colors for your bathroom walls, you will also need to figure out what you want your bathroom mirror in Houston to look like. Since the mirror will be above the vanity, you might want to choose the two at the same time. Keep reading to learn how to match your replacement mirror to your vanity.

    As you are looking for bathroom mirrors, keep the colors and style of your vanity in mind. If you have a brown vanity, it may be difficult to find the exact color of brown for your mirror unless you buy from the same manufacturer. Otherwise, shades will be slightly off and can look less than ideal. If you have a darker colored vanity, you can choose a mirror with a lighter color frame to keep the bathroom looking spacious. A frameless mirror might be the right choice if you are going for a clean, minimalist design.

  • Creating the Feeling of More Space in Your Home

    No matter the size of your home, it never hurts to create the feeling of a larger space. There are many ways, such as glass mirrors near Houston , to make a small space seem larger or make a large space seem even more grand. Below you will get a look at just a few simple ways to make your home seem bigger while adding unique style. space - house

    Strategically-Placed Mirrors

    It is common knowledge that glass mirrors are the perfect design option to create an illusion of extra space. By reflecting light and nearby furnishings, glass mirrors make the human mind think it is in a larger area. By strategically placing mirrors around your home, you can make the entire space feel like a mansion. In the largest room, typically the living room, hang a large mirror on the wall or over a fireplace. If it has some sort of design or framing that makes it look like a window or door, then you can add an intriguing design and feel of openness to your living room.

    Raised Chairs and Couches

    When you are working with limited space, you need to take advantage of all the space you have. Refrain from cluttering your house with needless furniture or overly large items. Keep decorations, knickknacks, and clashing décor to a minimum. If you can, find chairs and couches that have long legs and open spaces underneath. This is another way to create an illusion of space in a small room and house.

    Shades of Color

    While choosing your color scheme, take the entire house into account. Each room should complement or match the space outside or immediately next to it. For example, if your living room is painted with a teal blue, then paint the room next to it with another shade, close to teal, of blue or green. Keep transitioning areas, such as hallways and entryways, in neutral tones that match each other. This will maintain a consistent flow throughout the house.

  • Say Goodbye to Hard Water Stains on Glass

    Nobody likes hard water stains, especially on their shower doors. Often, it seems like typical glass cleaners barely touch these hard water stains, but there is a solution. To clean your glass shower doors in Houston , try out oxalic acid, also known as a Bar Keepers Friend product.

    Watch the video for a demonstration of four different glass cleaners. Out of four glass cleaners—lemon and vinegar, oxalic acid, lime remover, and ammonium chloride detergent—oxalic acid was the most effective cleaner. It removed all of the hard water stains from the shower door, while the others either barely made a dent or didn’t clean the door at all. Oxalic acid is a powder substance that you would sprinkle on your shower enclosures and wipe down with water. Be sure you are wearing safety goggles and gloves, and keep the area well-ventilated.

  • Incorporating an Oval Mirror into Your Bathroom Decor

    Are you considering purchasing new bathroom mirrors in Houston ? When it comes to glass mirrors in the bathroom, you have several different options for shape, size, and style. If you’re ready to update your bathroom décor with a new look, consider choosing an oval beveled glass mirror.

    Watch this video to learn how to incorporate oval glass mirrors into your bathroom décor. Oval glass mirrors have a distinct look that brings an added decorative touch to your bathroom design. If you want your mirror to be mainly functional, choose a beveled glass mirror that is large enough for daily tasks in the bathroom, such as shaving or make-up application. Just be sure to measure the dimensions of your bathroom walls before you go shopping for your beveled wall mirror—otherwise, your new oval mirror may not fit into the designated space.

  • Tips for Hanging Heavy Mirrors

    Looking to modernize your home’s décor by hanging glass mirrors in Houston ? A beveled wall mirror or large glass mirror can add a stunning centerpiece to any room in your home. However, heavy glass mirrors can be a challenge to hang properly.

    Watch this video for some tips on hanging heavy glass mirrors. First, you should find out what your wall is made of. If you live in an older home, your walls are likely made of plaster. It’s important not to use a drywall hanger in plaster, as you could damage the wall. Instead, use a toggle bolt with a picture hanging hook. If you have a newer home that uses drywall, you have more options for hanging your glass mirrors. Whichever type of hook you choose, consider using two for your mirror installation. This will help the glass mirror stay level and gives you more room for adjustment.

  • Cleaning Hard Water Spots from Glass

    Hard water spots are a regular problem with glass shower doors, windows, and glass coffee tables. If you clean glass with soap and water, or if the glass is splashed by non-distilled water, you will have hard water spots. At Hurricane Glass & Mirror, we understand that cleaning hard water spots from commercial glass or residential glass in Houston can be a challenge, which is why we wanted to share this video to help you maintain the glass around your home.

    First, get the supplies you will need. Hard water stains can be removed with a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, and water. Scrub the lemon juice into the glass, then use the vinegar and water mix to wipe it down. Finally, dry the glass thoroughly. Watch this video to learn more about cleaning hard water spots from glass.

  • Tips for Preventing Fogged Bathroom Mirrors

    Fogged mirrors are a common frustration for anyone who has stepped out of a steamy shower. If your fogged bathroom mirrors are a bother to you, you may want to take some steps to prevent fog in the first place. When you install beautiful new glass shower doors and mirrors in your bathroom, you can keep your glass replacement looking great by taking a few simple steps. For all of your mirror replacement needs, be sure to work with a reputable glass company located in Houston. To help you get the most out of your bathroom mirrors, take a look at some of these helpful tips for preventing fogged bathroom mirrors.

    cleaning glass houston

    Car Wax
    Car wax is an innovative method of preventing fog on your new bathroom mirrors . To prevent your mirrors from fogging up, you can apply a thin layer of car wax to your mirrors when they are completely dry. Once the wax has dried up, you can buff it clear with a soft cloth. This layer of wax will prevent fog from forming the next time that you take a shower.

    Shaving Cream
    Shaving cream is a common bathroom item that you may have on hand at all times. While shaving cream is essential for getting a smooth shave, this substance can also be used to prevent fogged mirrors. Before you take a shower, simply rub a small amount of shaving cream on your mirror. You will be amazed at the clarity of your mirror when you step out of the shower.

    Toothpaste can also be used to keep your mirror fog-free. In order for this method to work, it is important to use the non-gel variety of toothpaste. When you are planning on taking a shower, you can spread toothpaste on your mirror. The toothpaste will act like a barrier, preventing fog from forming on the glass.