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  • The Benefits of Repairing Your Storefront’s Damaged Windows

    Having windows that are in good condition offers business owners a number of benefits. If your storefront is affected by broken windows in Houston , then there are several reasons why you should consider repairing the broken glass.

    Retail stores can get a great deal of their business from foot traffic, but how much they can receive often depends on the building’s appearance. Having a broken window is a sure way to deter some of your potential customers.

    As a business owner, you probably realize the importance of keeping your operational costs low. When you have one or more broken windows, the conditioned air inside your building can leak outside, forcing your heating or air conditioning to work harder to keep your store comfortable for employees and customers.

    Finally, one of the greatest advantages that you can gain by repairing your storefront’s broken windows is safety. Cracked glass informs potential burglars that your location is less than secure, which is a problem that can make your store a target for theft. If your windows are chipped or cracked, then you can benefit from repairing the glass right away.

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  • Tips for Styling Your Glass Kitchen Table Top

    If you own custom glass furniture in Houston, then you realize the level of beauty and elegance that these features can add to your interiors. Does your kitchen table feature a glass table top ? If so, then watch this video for some great tips on styling this type of furniture.

    To decorate your kitchen’s glass table top, start by finding a set of placemats that coordinate well with your kitchen design. Second, add texture and interest to your napkins by binding them in a unique way, such as with raffia or ribbon. Finally, it’s important to coordinate your dishware with the rest of the room when working with a glass table top, since this type of surface allows the colors to have more pop.