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  • Easy Strategies for Fighting Back Against Dreaded Window Streaks

    Anyone who has ever cleaned windows knows the struggle of avoiding window streaks. From sliding doors to mirrors to frameless shower doors in Houston , there are many surfaces in your home that are known for being difficult to clean. Even if you think you have tried every glass cleaner and technique possible, there are easy solutions to avoid window streaks.

    Watch this video to learn simple tips to give the windows and mirrors in your home a streak-free shine that is easy to keep up. These tips include using a mixture of vinegar and water, as well as techniques to make your surfaces shine—without the streaks.

  • Enhancing Your Bathroom Décor with a Glass Shower Door

    Are you tired of having to replace your shower curtain to get rid of soap scum or buildup? It may be time to give your bathroom décor an updated look. Start with looking into frameless shower doors in Houston . Frameless glass shower doors have a number of benefits that make it a worthy investment for your home, as well as a low-maintenance alternative to your existing shower door. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a glass shower door. frameless shower doors houston

    An Investment to Your Bathroom

    Having a glass shower door means having a shower door that lasts longer than any other option. No longer will you need to worry about replacing worn out shower curtains or replacing metal frames that collect grime and can make your shower look dated. A frameless glass door gives your bathroom a sharp and updated look. Changing out your shower doors is an easy way to update your bathroom without extensive renovations. It provides a certain amount of elegance with clean lines. Bathroom updates can increase the value of your home. This makes additions, like a new frameless glass shower door, a worthy investment.

    A More Simple Way to Clean

    A frameless glass shower door makes the typically dreaded chore of bathroom cleaning much easier. Instead of having to scrub away at grime that collects on metal or other materials, cleaning a glass shower door is as simple as cleaning bathroom mirrors. You can apply a protective coat of transparent polymer coating, which helps prevent build-up from accumulating. Maintaining a clean shower door doesn’t get any easier than it is with glass.

    Fewer Problems in the Future

    With a glass shower door, you can easily avoid long-term problems. Other enclosed shower doors with metal are easy targets for rust, which can be hard to remove and is quite unsightly. With glass doors, rust is a thing of the past. Frameless shower doors do not need to be replaced, and maintenance is easy.

  • How Can Safety Glass Benefit Your Business?

    As a business owner, it is important to find ways to protect your business. Taking precautions and finding new safety measures can protect your business from a number of risks. Many businesses benefit from tempered safety glass in Houston . When exploring options for commercial glass, there are a number of reasons more businesses are turning towards safety glass.

    One of the more popular choices for safety commercial glass is tempered glass. Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than traditional glass. This means it provides an additional level of security that can ward off break-ins. It is a popular choice for businesses with large storefront windows, or windows that are on the ground level. Since so much extra force is required to break tempered glass, it is unlikely that large windows would be damaged during a storm or hurricane. Tempered glass also is designed to break into small pieces rather than shattering, meaning if the glass does break, there is less of a chance of injury.

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  • Common Reasons for Broken Window Glass

    Many homeowners have most likely had to deal with a broken window at one point or another. There are many causes of needing window glass repair in Houston, from a bad storm to a stray baseball. It is important that broken window glass is repaired as soon as possible. A broken window can leave your home unprotected from unwanted debris or animals getting inside. This article will cover some of the common reasons for broken window glass.

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    One of the leading causes of broken window glass in Houston is weather. Hurricanes can bring strong winds and heavy rain. While storm winds may not be enough to break window glass on their own, they can cause other items to break windows. Tree branches or other plants can break window glass when winds are strong enough. Unsecured patio furniture can break glass if left in an area where strong winds are present. Hurricane glass is a popular choice for residential glass, since it is stronger than traditional glass and can help protect your home.


    Everyone knows that kids will be kids, and sometimes kids break things. Whether they are playing baseball in the summer or tossing a football in the fall, one bad throw can result in broken glass. To protect your windows, have a designated play area away from windows and supervise children playing with anything that can break a window. Even under supervision, accidents can happen resulting in broken glass.

    Wear and Tear

    Despite your best efforts to increase the longevity of your home’s windows, glass can deteriorate over the years. In areas with high humidity, such as Houston, glass can expand and shrink based on humidity levels. Glass windows that have a crack in them are also a common reason for broken windows. A crack, no matter how small, compromises the integrity and strength of a window. A cracked window is more likely to break. Cracked residential glass should be replaced as soon as possible.