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  • Spotlight on the History of Glassmaking

    Spotlight on the History of Glassmaking Houston When you install glass shower doors in your home, there is a way in which your new glass is really the results of thousands of years of design and innovation. Modern glass originated during the Ptolemaic period of Ancient Greece, when the first glass makers created glass pieces for tile mosaics. Over the centuries, new methods of creating glass were developed. For example, artisans in Syria created the technique of glassblowing. In the early 1900s, a man named Irving Colburn created the first piece of sheet glass. This type of glass is used to this day to create windows, doors and other products. When you schedule a broken glass replacement for your home, your glass window repair expert will use a type of sheet glass to repair the broken area. A glass company located in Houston will provide you with the best products and techniques for your glass repair needs.

  • Top Reasons to Update Your Shower Doors [INFOGRAPHIC]

    As you look around your bathroom, do you notice that it’s looking a little worse for the wear? A dingy, outdated bathroom can be a dreary place to start and end your day, and certainly won’t make a good impression on your visitors or house guests. If you are considering upgrading your bathroom, think about starting with shower door replacement near Houston . Glass shower doors are a much more attractive alternative to shower curtains, and can make your bathroom feel more spacious since they allow more light into the space. If you’re thinking about selling your home, a new frameless shower door can give potential buyers a more positive feeling about your house. Check out this infographic to learn more about why you should consider upgrading your shower doors. Please share with your friends and family!

    Top Reasons to Update Your Shower Doors Houston

  • Tips for Preventing Fogged Bathroom Mirrors

    Fogged mirrors are a common frustration for anyone who has stepped out of a steamy shower. If your fogged bathroom mirrors are a bother to you, you may want to take some steps to prevent fog in the first place. When you install beautiful new glass shower doors and mirrors in your bathroom, you can keep your glass replacement looking great by taking a few simple steps. For all of your mirror replacement needs, be sure to work with a reputable glass company located in Houston. To help you get the most out of your bathroom mirrors, take a look at some of these helpful tips for preventing fogged bathroom mirrors.

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    Car Wax
    Car wax is an innovative method of preventing fog on your new bathroom mirrors . To prevent your mirrors from fogging up, you can apply a thin layer of car wax to your mirrors when they are completely dry. Once the wax has dried up, you can buff it clear with a soft cloth. This layer of wax will prevent fog from forming the next time that you take a shower.

    Shaving Cream
    Shaving cream is a common bathroom item that you may have on hand at all times. While shaving cream is essential for getting a smooth shave, this substance can also be used to prevent fogged mirrors. Before you take a shower, simply rub a small amount of shaving cream on your mirror. You will be amazed at the clarity of your mirror when you step out of the shower.

    Toothpaste can also be used to keep your mirror fog-free. In order for this method to work, it is important to use the non-gel variety of toothpaste. When you are planning on taking a shower, you can spread toothpaste on your mirror. The toothpaste will act like a barrier, preventing fog from forming on the glass.

  • Cleaning Your Sliding Glass Doors

    When you plan a glass door replacement, there are several ways that you can clean and repair your sliding glass door. Using a paintbrush, you can clean dirt and debris away from the tracks of the glass door. In addition, you can keep the glass doors sliding smoothly by dampening a cloth and applying a thin layer of mineral spirits. If your door needs to be adjusted, you can use a screwdriver to make it open and close more smoothly. By keeping these maintenance tips in mind, you can keep your glass shower doors in great working condition.

    A glass replacement company can provide you with all of the glass door repair tips you need to ensure that your doors are in great shape. For all of your glass door repair needs, be sure to work with a glass company located in Houston. To take a look at how to clean your sliding glass doors, watch this video from MonkeySee.